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We are grateful you want to write for us at "Your Article Today"! We’re in search of great new perspectives from bright minds in the content marketing domain.

The aim is to have you writing detailed, actionable content. Our audience must become better content marketers after reading your articles. Your articles should make them more organized and better content planners.

Do not skip this

All the pitches you submit may not be standard, because we are looking for some quality or potential at the list.

If you have got the quality that is great, if you have potential and are willing to be mentored, that is fine as well. This is a perfect opportunity for a student who is looking to learn content marketing.

Note: This is an unpaid role with potential to develop into a paid writing job.

  • Read through the length of the page before making a pitch. We want to be sure you can follow instructions.
  • We try to respond to as many pitches as we can. If your pitch is good we would contact you and publish it, if we are convinced that you have potential, we will contact you and offer you an unpaid internship and mentoring.
  • Go through our blog and double check your topic has not been covered. If it has, make sure you have an exciting new spin to it. It should be easy to find what we have not copied as we are a startup and have a lot of ground to cover.
  • We love your posts to be educational how-to posts. We expect you will have a lot of screenshots to aid the readers' comprehension. We also expect that your posts have step by step easy guides.
  • We check all submissions for plagiarism. Your posts should be original.

So far, we hope it all is easy to follow!

Why Should You Write For Us (Your Article Today)

We’re a startup. This is an opportunity to learn the rope with a real-life fast-paced startup. We are also so much fun.

We have a commitment to running the best blog and content writing service. This means you have an opportunity to write for our clients and get paid for that.

Importantly, we have a few thousand subscribers to our newsletter, This means your name will be well spread and you will be noticed by clients who may need your writing services.

When you write for us, we promote your post just as well as we will promote any of ours.

How Do I Submit My Guest Post?

Quite simple. Just Click Here and fill our form. We will get in touch with you.

Remember to read down the whole page, so that you do not miss out anything on your pitch.

What topics can i write on?

We are glad you asked. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • We are glad to receive anything ranging from organizing,
    planning, or content marketing execution.
  • We also love great tips. So think of tips for social media, blogging,
    video production, SEO and analytics, email marketing or podcasting.
  • Lastly, think how-to guides. This could range from guides for beginners, to guides for professionals.

Submission Requirements

This may be the most important section of this page. We will enjoy a relationship with you if you can follow instructions. As far as instructions are concerned, here are some for you.

  • Your article should be comprehensive. Basically, we mean it should have no missing details. When your post is read, the reader should not have to seek additional information elsewhere.
  • Write actionable posts. Your post should tell the reader what to do, as well as show them.
  • Your post should not be less than 700 words. This is not some magic number neither is it a cap. See it more as a starting point.
  • Tell us your target keyword. We really do not care about the search volume, but it must be aligned with your subject matter.
  • Your article must be original. We expect and will double check that it is not existing elsewhere.

How Soon Will You Hear From Us?

We understand the anxiety of a long wait. So, we do our best to respond under 3 days.


Send Us Your Best Pitches Right Away!

An opportunity to reach a fantastic new audience and become an authority in the content marketing industry. You will also be teaching content marketers some great new tricks while you learn from our great theme as well. Don't delay, write for us, send us that great pitch right away.