Growing Organic Traffic Without Doing SEO


I know the title Growing Organic Traffic Without Doing SEO seams weird. SEO seems like the only way, but maybe not.

Fighting to be competitive in terms of ranking for keywords is a long-term war. Most content creators spend a lot of time and money trying to keep up with growing trends and ranking high on search engine results. We all want more traffic and SEO has proven to be a reliable way but…..

There is another way. It might even be a better way (personal preference) or at least an equal opportunity to get more traffic. Following the tips explained in this article will help you realize perhaps a much simpler method of directing more traffic to your sites/contents.

The strategy is basically “renting a page on somebody else’s site and tweaking the page to be able to promote your goods, services and whatever you want to promote.” The reasoning behind the idea is that research has shown that more than 50% of a website’s organic traffic comes from their articles/blogs.

It takes a second to wrap your head around the idea but as we explain further, the idea might become clearer to you.

Follow these steps and you will get more traffic without entering the battlefield that is SEO.

Research – Find The Keywords/Terms You Are Aiming To Rank For

Get a few competitors URLs and type it in on Ubersuggest (recommended). Check out their top pages by going to the top pages report. What you’re looking for is “view all”. This will enable you to see the list of keywords the pages rank for.

Growing Organic Traffic Without Doing SEO

CPC (cost-per-click) is the term we are most concerned with here. Keywords that have the most search volume and (importantly) high CPC should be collated and then make sure your products/services match the collated keywords to optimize the monetization of traffic.

Google Searching For Pages That Rank High For The Term You Want To Rank For

Google search for those pages but make sure you focus on only the first page of the search results or maybe the top 10. For optimization of the process, it is advised to stick to only the top options on search results.

There are two things you will look for when going through the search results

  • A page that isn’t monetized already. Basically saying a page that doesn’t already promote goods and services. Ads on pages don’t count. Only direct promotion counts.
  • Smaller companies or site owners are much more receptive to accepting deals than for example “publicly traded company”.

What you should not do is ask competitors for their page, it looks daft and uninspiring and they usually will never agree to it.

Getting In Touch With The Website (A Sensitive Process)

Most people in the business world are distrustful of anybody offering them cash for something they don’t particularly find useful. So, usually, you will have to make sure your first sales pitch is done over the phone and not through mails.

The reason is that mails are a lot less personal and cannot immediately answer questions they might have. Calls are much more preferred here. Also, there is less of an obligation to read an email, like there is in answering a phone call.

Call the website and tell them of your plan (rent out a page or more from their website, use it to promote your products/services without changing much). The importance of not changing much is that if you make too many tweaks, it might mess up the page’s ranking. This will negate the reason behind you wanting to promote your products on the page in the first instance.

You should also ask for information about the page to ensure you’re getting more “bang” for your buck. The information you need is
– How much traffic the page generates
– The keywords it ranks for

If they don’t know how to access that information, tell them to use “Google Analytics”.

The information you’re requesting will determine whether you’ll make a profit after expenses. Figure out using a conservative number how many customers can be gotten from the traffic the page generates. Make sure you’re not too optimistic in your calculations to avoid losses.

After making sure you’ll at least break even with the most conservative figure you can use, you can now offer to test run the page for about 15-30 days so that you can accurately offer them a fair price. If they don’t agree, get them to agree to a smaller span so that you can at least test run your calculations.

Remember that they are not even earning money on the page so most site owners will agree to the test run.

While I discourage doing this by email, if you can write a killer cold email, then you may give it a go. Or read these tips on how to write a converting email.

Try To Monetize The Page With Only Small Tweaks

The first and most simple way to monetize the page is to add the page’s link to the products you’re selling. For instance, the page talks about cosmetics and you’re selling something related, add the article link to your site.

Seems easy enough right? Even though it is simple, it is highly effective at driving traffic to sites.

If you’re a service-based business, you will want to try out linking out to your site where folks or prospective customers can fill out lead information. A much more effective way though is just adding lead capturing to the page you’re renting out.

Tips To Remember

  • Remember to post disclaimers that inform customers that you are collecting their information and that you’re renting out the site
  • Offer a fair but conservative offer. Don’t get in over your head by offering what you can’t sustain
  • Deleting stuff from the page you’re renting might mess up the page ranking. Adding doesn’t do much so you can add stuff. Try to tweak without making too many significant changes.
  • Try to make your contract open to exit on your side in case things aren’t going well for you and closed to exit on the side of the website owners in case it is going too well for you

Rounding Up

The focus on SEO is quite rightly fruitful but for a simpler and quicker way of getting traffic, you might want to try out the solution this article offers.

– Results appear quicker
– Cheaper if applied properly

– In a contract, you can’t opt-out from, if the page suddenly stops ranking, you might be stuck paying for nothing.

Advice From The Website – You can always practice both SEO and renting out pages. You can also take(rent) up a lot of pages in the top search results for maximum exposure.

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