Building Links Using Q&A Sites

Building Links Using Q&A Sites

The effectiveness of adding links to question and answer sites have always been a bone of contention among SEO experts. Some believe that building links using Q&A sites it is worth the effort, others believe it isn’t. 

Currently, browsers are using generic key terms less and less in their searches. Users now rely on asking questions directly to get results. Using long-tail queries, it is safe to assume that we are shifting slowly from the methods of the past. 

The globally trending Questions & Answers platforms are now being used to get information on a daily basis. The old maxim about the internet making the world a global village is more than ever becoming a reality. Questions that would formerly take weeks to research can now be asked on these platforms and answered by professionals and nonprofessionals alike. These platforms are the new search engines, the answers coming from different users with different perspectives. 

Why people have moved from the traditional search methods to using Q&A sites can be traced to getting relevant and more reliable answers. Usually, with precise keywords in your search terms, users can achieve almost the same results on search engines too, but Q&A sites bring a lot more authenticity and realness to the answers. 

Perhaps one of the most popular Q&A sites is Quora. It is huge among professionals and quite popular with young internet users too. All types of questions can be asked, no holds barred. This has led to massive dependence on Q&A sites for answers. 

Ways to Maximize Links on Q&A Sites

Building better links with Q&A sites and boosting your SEO can be very helpful, here are a few ways to achieve that.

1. The Expansion Of Keyword Research

When you add Q&A sites to your keyword research toolbox, you can achieve a whole lot. Reaching your target audience is the goal. Access to the goal is achieved by expanding your keyword research. Keywords and phrases will have to be direct, specific and relatable to users. 

Your content ranking on SERPs also depends on using proper keyword research tools. Additional details like using key phrases or words can help impact positively on getting more traffic. Engaging better on Q&A sites will lead to providing access or links back to your own content. Quid Pro Quo, you provide information through your content links and the people who need the information increase your traffic.

2. Grow Your Network of Related Colleagues

Ever heard of the phrase “Two heads are better than one?” It most definitely applies to the use of Q&A sites to promote content. 

Grow relationships with other bloggers that produce content in the same niche as you. Relate with them on new ideas and generally stay in the know. This can help you get updated regularly about new information concerning brand keywords and/or phrases. 

When you invite other bloggers to either collaborate with you or singularly guest blog, you are combining two followings. The ideal guest blogger should be a producer of high-quality content and should bring attention to your content. Whether it be big-timers or small-timers, collaboration can often freshen up your content. 

If you’re wondering where to find folks that speak the same language(niche) you do, the best place to search is Q&A sites. That’s the beauty of the whole process. The same sites literally provide everything and everyone you need to succeed in increasing traffic and improving content creation. 

3. Develop A Sound Content Creation Method

A common misconception is that high quality (quality meaning thoroughly researched) content is the only key to raise traffic. That is not always the case. “Where” and “When” also matters a lot. The right content at the right time in the right place can lead to huge attention. When big events occur in your niche, you should capitalize on them and ride the wave. Timing is of the essence in maximizing the reach of your content.

Trawl Q&A sites looking for questions frequently asked, topics mentioned and then tailor your content to meet the needs of users. This has the added advantage of solving the problem of “What To Write” for content creators.

 Don’t forget to then go back to these forums armed with your thoroughly researched, well-written contents that explain in simple terms the answers to the specific questions asked.

Importance of Building Links Using Q&A Sites

If you’ve made it thus far, you really want to build your profile and extend your reach and I’m sure you’ve gotten a few ideas already. Let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from effectively using Q&A sites.

More Traffic, I Repeat…. More Traffic

As commuters, the word “traffic” fills us with dread but content creators and bloggers live for traffic. It is perhaps one of the most important factors that can make or mar your efforts to maintain a visible online presence.

As you provide timely content links to specific questions asked by users, you will see an influx of traffic generated not just by your good writing skills but by placing links at the right place at the right time. Emphasis must be made on making sure your content is totally relevant and consistent with general knowledge. 

Users of information lose interest quickly when they find out your content doesn’t make sense, too difficult to understand or are untrue. Try to present yourself in a way that will show you’re an expert or at least a reliable source of information about the particular question asked.

When you continue to post relevant links, you will build up a following who views you as a genuine source of information. A way to make use of that following is to include links to your website on your bio. People can then follow it to learn more about whatever it is you practice or offer. 

Placing answers in Q & A sites is a skill. From experience, I have learned not to ignore these 2 tactics:

1. Be Formal With Information But Informal With the Delivery

Sounds strange? Okay, let me explain. Let your information be standard and accurate but don’t be a boring salesman or a robot, treat these Q&A sites as a community.

This means you should interact with people a lot and always try to be polite and helpful with meaningful answers but it is also important to know when to answer with links. You don’t want to come across as being too pushy. 

In some Q&A sites, there are options for ranking helpful answers. With your very helpful answers and polite delivery, your profile can increasingly become a powerful traffic driving force. 

2. Optimized SEO

Due to the growth and increasing dependence on Q&A sites, now when you search for answers, answers and “community” conversation now show on the first page of SERPs. It is now fashionable to look for answers on say “Quora”. 

Answering questions with quality content can now be used to bring more attention to the post on the Q&A site thereby bringing more attention to you via links.

Sometimes using links can help diversify your link profile. It is worth mentioning though that using sites with high Alexa rankings is worth the hassle of finding out whether the site you’re using is high on the list. Doing a little background check on the Q&A site you’re using now can help make sure that your posts and answers are at the top of the pile.

Fact: The popular “Question and Answer” Site, Quora, is ranked “233” in global internet engagement rankings.

Quick Experiment on Building Links Using Q&A Sites

An experiment was conducted where we compared the answers got from Google to the answers got from a Q&A site Quora. 

We searched for a specific phrase (the phrase asked for a difference between one item and another) on Google and we got the normal results explaining what both terms were and other explanations that would have resulted in trawling through sites looking for the answers we need. However, search is continuously changing. With google’s BERT, SERPs will display more relevant information than they formally did.

On Quora, however, what we got was highly useful. Professionals immediately used their experience of the two items to make in-depth comparisons and judgments. We gained a lot about the two items on the first post on Quora than we would have to go through search results one by one. 

Rounding Up

To build your profile online using links, you must remember these steps

  • Find a Q&A site that ranks high on Alexa ratings
  • Find out what answers people need before creating content
  • Deliver formal information in an honest, relatable and informal way
  • Include links only when you are sure the links are useful to the questions asked
  • Remember to post your website’s link on your bio
  • Engage and collaborate with professionals from your niche to ensure you’re kept up to date with changes in keywords or brand words of your niche



      There are a lot out there. A simple search will reveal others.

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