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The moment you thought about starting a blog, you started worrying about traffic. While this is a genuine worry, it is surmountable and these hacks will increase your site traffic. My list and hacks are not exhaustive, but they are all tested and will work if done properly.

I do not claim to be the expert, but I have researched a lot. In this article, I will be using my research as a guide and tutorial for increasing site traffic.

Why Should You Increase Your Site Traffic?

Wasn’t that the reason you started a blog in the first place? To reach as many people as you can. Apart from having a large number of people hearing your voice, growing your audience has its perks.

one of these perks is having a great ROI. When you monetize your website, your earnings become directly proportional to the number of visitors you have on your website.

Experts have claimed that to make a full living out of a website, an individual needs to meet a minimum of 100 USD daily. This equates to 3000USD monthly. Experience using Adsense shows that you need about 150,000 visitors per month to make this sum.

The amount of traffic on your website also determines if you are an authority on a particular subject. With high views, you can expect high social media shares, a lot of comments and links to your articles from a lot of external sources.

1. Building Traffic with an Email List

An email list is one of the oldest but most effective ways of gaining traffic. If you have ever subscribed to a newsletter or signed up to receive an ebook, then you already are familiar with Email lists.

Traditionally email lists are built from emails registered to your websites, but today there are a number of ways of growing this list. Some conventional and others are a bit less conventional.

Web scrapping is a major way of building your list. You could source emails from LinkedIn based on profession and interests. You could also source emails from yelp and a number of citation websites.

If you find the right kind of people and send newsletters with content from your website that is relevant to their needs, you will have a number of dedicated visitors. The advantages of growing your website with an email list are invaluable.

Note that, emailing is an art and should be done with the best practices to avoid losing leads gotten from your email list. Every first-time email should be crafted carefully. These emailing tips will help you increase conversion with your email list.

2. Building Traffic with a Good Social Media Strategy

Social media has become really fundamental to the way that billions of people get information about the world and connect with each other, which raises the stakes enormously.

–Kevin Werbach

Social media always raises a big debate; its negative impact against the positives. regardless of what part of the debate we fall, it is obvious that the whole world is obsessed with social media. This makes it one of the best ways of growing your traffic.

From posts to paid ads, the options and tweaks accommodated for reaching your audience are limitless. Most social media platforms give options for targeted ads. This simply allows you to show your ads to leads that are most likely going to become visitors.

Of course, not all posts and ads will generate the desired effects but by implementing proper tweaks to your posts, you will have a lot of your articles, shared and an increased amount of comments.

As a best practice, I share every blog article I write on every social media platform I have. I encourage friends to read and share. Also, I reshare these articles from time to time. Social engagements have a direct impact on SERPs.

3. Building Traffic with Backlinks

What are backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. whenever a page is linked to any other webpage, it is referred to as a backlink. They used to be one of the major metrics in determining rankings on SERPs. They are still very important today. And building high-quality backlinks should be very important in growing your traffic.

There are 3 important concepts when sourcing for backlinks. they include:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Amount of monthly traffic on the website.

How do these apply?

Domain Authority (DA):

This ranking score developed by Moz predicts how websites will fare on SERPs. Scores range between 1 and 100 with the higher scores depicting greater chances of ranking. To increase your site traffic, it is important to work on increasing your domain authority. Backlinks sourced from websites with high DA, in the long run, will enhance your DA and improve your rankings. This invariably increases the number of visits you have from organic search.

Page Authority (PA):

This is very related to DA, but in this case, the score predicts how pages rank on SERPs. It is important that you have great content on every page. This is key to building your page authority.

Amount of Monthly Traffic on the Website:

Similar Web” is about the most authoritative source of web traffic. Before trying to get backlinks, it is wise to find out how many visits the website gets. The best means of getting backlinks on established websites is by volunteering content.

Increase your Site Traffic
Traffic stats from Similar web

You could volunteer to write guest posts with one or two links pointing to your website. This is very effective. Overnight you could have thousands of visitors from the linking domain visiting your website.

Of course, you must link them to strategic articles of parts of your website so that they do not become one-off visits.

Conclusion on Ways to Increase Your Site Traffic

There are a lot of ways to increase site traffic. These discussed so far are in no way exhaustive. I have only talked about what I fill are the best steps to take to increase traffic to your website.

If there are strategies that have worked for you, I will like your comments and will be happy to update this article with these if they really are valid ways of getting traffic.

I hope you realized that these approaches are not necessarily overnight traffic boosts. They will take some trial and once you have a well-oiled engine, you should see steady growth.

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