Content Marketing Service

Our Approach

Our Approach

Information is the one thing that keeps the world spinning. More often than normal, there is either a lack of information or inadequacy in how information is presented.

Our goal at Your article Today is to make sure the reader finds the help they seek in well researched and well-documented articles, blog posts, social media posts, and landing pages.

We are a content marketing service with a writing process broadly broken down into three segments:

  • 10% of analyses
  • 60% of research
  • 30% of writing

This way we are sure every client is a happy customer.

Our Story

The Story

We are an online writing service comprised of a team of avid information consumers. This invariably fuels our thirst for sharing knowledge and impacting audiences.

We understand the mistakes many would make especially while they undertake a DIY approach because we have been there.

We, however, have come up with a well-oiled content machine. Thanks to our expertise, we do not have to always re-invent the wheel. That is why our writing services are fast and reliable.


Next Steps...

We know every client is THE "Number 1" client. Attending to you and making sure you are satisfied is a personal duty for us at Your Article Today. Why don't we spark off this relationship right away.