7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic


Congratulations, you’ve started a blog and you would like to make money from it. But there’s only one problem. You don’t have enough traffic. In this article, I’m going to give you seven tips to increase your blog traffic for free.

Some of these tips, I’m certain you’ve never heard of before.

Tip One: Focus on quality instead of quantity

So many out there believe that you must keep rolling out more and more content in other for you to drive much traffic to your blog. I disagree with this assumption. It isn’t based on facts or science.

Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t need more blog posts to get more traffic. Then the big question comes up, how do you discover what type of content to write about?

There are actually a good number of tools at your disposal. Tools like like Buzzsumo, Ubersuggest, or Google Trends and Keysearch are perfect for your research.

You can even engage search engines, or common sites like  Pinterest or YouTube to find out people’s interests and the popular things people search for online.

The smartest way to build quality content on your blog is to look up those keywords and topics which have lots of traffic. Doing this could make you rank on Google and other search engines.

Tip Two: Go Find Your Audience

While many are waiting for their blogs to be discovered by potential visitors, your approach should be more aggressive. You do this by creating what we call an Avatar or an ideal reader persona.
This simply means identifying the kind of people or narrowing the demography that would be interested in your topics. Here, you build a profile, highlighting the characteristics of your ideal readers.

You should be able to tell if your reader is a female or a millennial or it could be a highly educated person, maybe someone into engineering and technology. You get the picture right?

Doing this would help you relate better with your audience. It could also lead you to discover where your ideal readers hang out. Could they be found on  TicTok or would they rather hang out in forums?

After you figure out where your audience hangs out, you then develop the right strategy to reach out to them. This is about the best method to promote your blog and to stand from the billions of bloggers out there.

A little warning while using this strategy, don’t get involved with every social media platform. Resist the temptation. Remember, you have limited time and you would want to maximize your effort. So I advise, stick to not more than the two where you have the majority of your potential visitors.

Tip Three: Connect With Other Bloggers

Don’t be a loner in this industry. It is getting much harder to grow in the blogging industry without creating a network around yourself. By doing this, you grow together within your group.

Discover other bloggers out there with similar audiences to yours and whose blogs are about as big as yours. These bloggers would be happy to collaborate with you and occasionally link out to you in return for the same favor.

You should connect to your network of bloggers for guest posts or you could pitch some of your blog posts on their blog to increase your reach. Another way you could work with other bloggers is by requesting for an interview. Either you are the guest on their blogs or you interview them on yours.
This builds strong bonds with other bloggers in your niche who go on to share your blog and your social media channels with their audience.

Tip Four: Leverage on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are amazing. The idea that thousands of people could be connected and share ideas about a particular topic of interest is simply incredible.

There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there that would help you share and promote your blogs. Note there are all kinds of Facebook groups. Some are there only to share experiences and discuss problems, Others would allow you to promote your blog post and grow your traffic.

Some groups even exist that allow backlinks and guest post requests.

Find groups in your niche and join the conversation. Through these groups, you connect and share with people. They also help you stay abrased with news in your industry as long as you keep up with the group chatter.

Tip Five: Use Pinterest for Traffic Generation

With Pinterest comes unlimited possibilities to growing your blog. Many bloggers testify of how they have been able to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blogs monthly and for free using Pinterest.

Many bloggers fail to see the great opportunity in Pinterest. But I tell you if your niche audience is on the platform, then there is no other platform that can rival Pinterest in growing your audience. But then, you need to be accustomed to Pinterest and have a strategy that enables you to show up on Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter which keeps you mostly within the circle of your friends, Pinterest gives you more reach. It makes it easier to reach total strangers with your blog posts. You have many more opportunities to generate traffic via Pinterest.

Tip Six: Optimize for Success

We all have visited sites that took forever to load. You don’t want your blog to be one of such that frustrates and turns off visitors. So get your tech right.

Be careful, do not ignore the seemingly small stuff, it could come back and cost you.
Optimization for SEO and optimization for readability are most important. Your text has to be the right size. Your pages must come up quickly and must be pleasing to the eyes so that people do not bounce your blog.

Building your blog would not take place in a silo, many factors would add up to your success. Every single step, graphic and action on your blog must be well thought out.

You could have your friends and family scrutinize your blog and give you feedback.

Note, there are lots of free themes and free plugins can get you the perfect blog especially as a beginner. Notwithstanding, you have to dedicate time to understanding the workings of themes and plugins so as to ensure your readers have a wonderful experience on your blog.

Tip Seven: Use Google Search Console

This moment would be a wonderful time for you to create an account with Google search console and sign up right away. Now if you are wondering what Google search console is, Google search console is the back end of your search performance on Google.

As you know, Google is the largest search engine so it would do you well to understand its workings. You should know, what keywords rank on your blog, what backlinks do you have, what are the best landing pages.

With google search console you would overtime get to understand what people are looking to read on your blog and what kind of content does not drive traffic. You would know what works and what doesn’t.

Another great feature about Google search console is the site links feature. Using it, you can figure out which of your blog posts are getting the most links and you can even identify the source of all your links and it’s for free.


These seven tips to increase your blog traffic would distinguish you from most bloggers. You would watch your site grow rapidly and best still, you would be able to detect what works for you.

Remember, there are millions of bloggers like you but these tips would definitely give you a head start.

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