Content Marketing Service

Great articles do not happen by magic. It takes proper research and a particular skill set which we possess. Your Article Today is a writing service that understands every customer is its number one client. We understand the industry and know how to make each article and content piece perfect for your audience.

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Social Media Posts

Ever read that one post and could not fight the urge to share? Ever liked a post because it seemed to bring out the very thoughts in your mind? Ever registered for a webinar because it felt simply irresistible? If you answered yes, then you must consider growing your business with great social media posts. Your Article Today is the expert, let us do it for you.

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Landing Pages

We understand that your adverts are not complete without conversion. We will create very highly optimized landing pages that will ensure all those clicks you have on your ads are converted to sales.

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What Kind of Content May Your Business Need?

It takes a lot of effort to create good content consistently. This is a struggle for many businesses and at times even for the content marketing service. With a global digital population of over 4 billion, content awareness and a conscious effort to produce the best should be a priority for every brand.

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, you are going to be concerned in varying degrees with branding, trust, and awareness. These three factors shape the kind of content you will be needing into three content types:

  1. Outbound: Awareness generating content with persuasive call-to-action; often ad copy or email campaigns.
  2. Inbound: Trust building content that provides value without an absolute emphasis on return i.e. white papers, ebooks, social media, or blogs.
  3. Passive: Important details about you and your business; comprising of tag lines, your slogan, and web copy.

It’s important to note that having knowledge of the kind of content needed is just the first side of the coin. The second side is making your content generally superior to that of your competitors. We say “generally”, because we are not only referring to one piece of content, one article, or the one email—but a regular stream of content.

It is unrealistic to create one blog post per month and hope for incredible results. The technique of attracting high-paying customers and standing out from the competition involves consistency in top-level content. Increased content production is one of the factors that lead to better ROI.

Creating the right type of content may be a difficult thing to achieve but with the right steps, it’s very attainable.

It is most efficient to maximize the use of online content writing services, and we are the writing service that gives you a champagne standard content on a lemonade budget.

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We know every client is THE "Number 1" client. Attending to you and making sure you are satisfied is a personal duty for us at Your Article Today. Why don't we spark off this relationship right away.